BOLTS & SET SCREWS CSHL7B01 _V23.5 caters for the contractor with Trade Packs andr Bulk packs, supplying the customer with bigger quantities at better prices. EUREKA manufactures Handy Packs, Trade Packs& Bulk Packs in-house from (P.E.T), right here inSouth Africa!Packages are environmentally friendly, reusable,stackable, modular and contribute to less polutionin the long run. Bulk Pack Handy Pack Dinky Pack Trade Pack Packaging EUREKA packaging ranges from the well-known orange bags to our space-saving reuseable bottle range for larger volumes. The focus is always on making the best use of the available space possible. The variety of sizes means the consumer gets the fastener they want in the amount they need! EUREKA supplies 4 bottle sizes.Just the right format for larger quantities. Clever pack designs maximise space use while providing a complete range of sizes EUREKA Colour Coded Support Material Stand Splitters,Header boards and Locator boards and are available in category fastener they want, quickly! Stand header boards ■ Header boards are supplied with each stand. ■ Stand contents and associated products are illustrated. ■ Product information is provided - Special features, how to use, measurements etc. Colour Coding Products are categorised by application. Categories are colour coded to make them easy to recognise. In store signage: Product photo locators Placed above stands for visibility across the store. ROOF & METAL SCREWS W AL L ANCHORS & PLUGS D R Y W AL L PLUGS & SCREWS WOOD SCREWS NAILS HOME & GENERAL BO L TS, NUTS & W ASHERS RIVETS